Budimpeks F  

About "Budimpeks F" Company

Budimpeks F Company was founded in 1998 as a producer of inexpensive equipment sets for production of high quality wall and roof sandwich panels. Exactly that equipment was affordable for small and average-scale enterprises of Russia and CIS. The basis of every Budimpeks F equipment set is steel forming machine for steel covers of sandwich panels, so we attach a big importance to this key-element. First equipment sets were very successful and that allows our Company to solidify and develop on the market.

The main success factors of Budimpeks F are: firstly high-professional team of constructors and technologists who has a great experience of designing of steel forming equipment, and secondly readiness of designing and production of equipment according individual Customer requirements.

Later on our equipment was modernized and methods and technologies of its production were fine-tuned and now it meets the most severe requirement of Customer, it is highly reliable and long-lasting.

In the course of time we expanded assortment of produced equipment and organized production of lines for sandwich panels with cover of PVC and OSB, equipment for shaped steel, metal-tile, facade cassettes Liberta and many other materials. Our newest design is equipment for production of special arch-form steel for quick building of frameless hangars and equipment for production of elements for segment gates. The complete list of our equipment you can find in equipment catalogue >>>
By now our equipment works in more then 100 towns of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldavia and other >>>

Budimpeks F Company designs and produces an equipment that meets specific customer request, provides a support during shipment, installation, adjustment, starting up and modernization and develops such directions as selling and buying of used equipment, consults about leasing and raw materials delivery. You also can buy sandwich panels, that were produced on our equipment.


Our Concept. Main features of our equipment.

Technological effectiveness and relatively low price allow to reduce initial costs and to provide high production output. It allows to minimize pay-back period to 0,5-1,5 years, that is the most important for business organization.

Cycle technology allows to produce high quality sandwich panels for building that requires perfect visual environment. In contrast to line-production technology a cycle one is practically wasteless and allows to define and eliminate production defects immediately and take measures to prevent it in future cycles. A cost price of sandwich panels for such production sector for small batch is lower then on line-production. Exactly that is why Budimpeks F equipment and technology is the best solution with minimal risks for start-up companies.

Modular approach all equipment sets are formed of following standard elements: de-coiling barrel, guiding device, steel forming machine, guillotine, mineral wool (foam plastic) placing machine, glueing machine, press (thermo-press), delivery table (board), sandwich panels packing machine and other additional equipment.

  • This allows a Customer to optimize a production for realization of required production program by buying an equipment set formed of required equipment.
  • Modular approach also allows to develop a production with minimal costs.
  • Fro each equipment set there are different industrial organization schemes, that allows to vary a yield and direct operation costs.

All these advantages of Budimpeks F equipment make it more and more popular. Moreover our Company designes and produces equipment for production of: shaped steel, metal-tile, different types of facade cassettes, road barriers, Z,C,Omega-shape, OSB and PVC sandwich panels, segment gates and equipment for mineral wool cutting, steel bending and curving, covering of protective film on steel on other.

Along with simple equipment set (priced 60000 EUR with output up to 150-200 sq. meters of sandwich panels per shift) you can buy automatic line for production of sandwich panels up to 12 meters length. The last one consists of de-coiling barrel, guiding device, steel forming machine, glueing machine, automatic thermo-press, mineral wool cutting machine, mechanical tilting device, packing machine.

For customers who want an equipment with high productivity we offer automatic line for production of sandwich panels with speed up to 6 meters per minute for $523000. Similar lines produced by Isowall (England) and Hilleng (Austria) cost over $800000 and fully automatic universal production line (a plant) for sandwich panels production by HSH (Germany) costs nearly $20000000.

Not the least of the advantages is modular approach of some equipment that allows a Customer to enlarge a length of roller-table, glueing device, press, tilting device by additional sections for production of longer sandwich panels.


Comparative analysis of "budimpeks f" equipment and technology

Comparing Budimpeks F equipment with line-production equipment of Hilleng Pty or Isowall International we may say that difference is really great. First of all equipment of Hilleng and Isowall are designed for very large yield. Below there are results of competitive analysis as advantages and disadvantages of equipment:

Line-production equipment of of Hilleng and Isowall.

Advantages (3):

  • Hight productivity (1'000'000 2'000'000 sq. metes of panels per year)
  • Possibility of production of long panels (up to 18-20 meters)
  • Very high level of mechanization and automation of production.

Disadvantages (8):

  • Very high price of equipment (up to $ 20'000'000).
  • Considerable time for readjustment for another type of sandwich panels (wall, roof, other thickness, other color of steel, other type of steel forming) about several hours.
  • Big production waste in a case of readjustment or restart of the line (from 1-2 to 10-20 meters).
  • Inefficient production of small orders (up to 1000 sq. meters of sandwich panels).
  • Long waiting period of orders (more then 1 month) because of high complexity of production control and supervision (small orders are formed by groups and then their sequence is devined). For example in Metalprost company in Oborniki town (Poland) practically all clients with orders below 500-800 sq. meters of sandwich panels place their orders in small companies.
  • Big area with specific conditions is required for production organization.
  • High power consumption.
  • Necessity of home service and repair base (practically it a big engineering shop with big equipment base is required)
  • Long pay-back period

Cycle-production equipment "Budimpeks F"

Advantages (9):

  • Low price (from 60000 EUR).
  • Short time of readjustment of equipment for another type (wall, roof) nearly 20 minutes.
  • No special requirements for production area (the only one: temperature > +10C).
  • Wasteless production by the technological reasons there are no production waste of steel, mineral wool and glue!
  • Low power consumption (800 kWt/h per month for average-mechanized equipment set).
  • Low cost of sandwich panels (total cost consists of raw materials more then for 80%).
  • Short pay-back period. For equipment set #2 with average mechanization after achievement of target productivity (80000 sq.meters per mounth) estimated pay-back period is 3-4 mounth!
  • Non-critical to output volume (production effectiveness is equal for large single orders and for several small orders).
  • Short time of adjustment and starring of equipment (10 days)

Disadvantages (2):

  • Low level of mechanization, essential part of manual labour (for equipment set #1 and #2).
  • Limitation of length of sandwich panels 6 or 9 meters for equipment set #1 and #2.